10 Latest Trends To Follow While Designing Modular Trade Booth

10 Latest Trends To Follow While Designing Modular Trade Booth

There is no secret that all exhibitors want to have an outstanding trade booth so that they can beat their competitors and attract more customers. Therefore, if you want to stay at the top of the design trends, then you must be aware of the latest designs for the modular exhibition stand system.

The technology and social media are continuously evolving, therefore, you should use these in your exhibition stand to create a buzz. Here, in this article, we will discuss the latest design and technology trends that you should follow while designing your modular exhibition stand:

1. Create Selfie Walls

Selfies are in trend and it is expected that they will be in trend for many upcoming years. A selfie wall at your booth will let you attract more potential customers.

All trade show attendees will love to click their pictures at your selfie wall. They will click it and post it on their social media walls. This will help you to spread brand awareness and get more customers at your booth. 

2. Creative Use Of Wooden Pallets

The wooden pallet was only used for goods transportation. But, nowadays, the exhibition stand designers use these wooden pallets to obtain the rustic and organic appearance of their modular exhibition stand.

The pallets are easily available all around the world and you can use them creatively to do various DIY activities. You can use the wooden pallets to design an exhibition stand design, decorative items or you can also use them for segment separation.

3. Use Shipping Containers

Just like wooden pallets, you can also use shipping containers in your modular exhibition stands. The shipping containers will help you to provide a unique exhibition stand design. These shipping containers not just appear secluded but also let you stand out from other exhibition stands on the trade show floor.

4. Use Virtual Reality

The virtual reality in trend and you should use this technology to stand out among all other competitors. The virtual reality in your trade booth will bring a huge amount of potential customers to your exhibition stand. According to the survey, approximately 53% of people purchase the products and services only from those companies who use VR in their exhibition stand.

5. Specify One Meeting Room

Usually, all exhibitors have one purpose to participate in an exhibition and that is collecting more and more leads for their business. The sales representative will try to follow up and fix the deals as soon as possible.

To convert potential customers into leads, you should create a private space inside your booth. In this area, your prospects can freely ask any questions related to your products or services and clear their doubts. This way the sales representative can influence the decision and get more sales.

6. Try Lego® Approach

Those who have played Lego® blocks, they might have a clear visual image in their mind. They can visualize how their booth will look like after implementing the Lego® Approach. You should construct the entire booth with small size blocks so that you can increase the flexibility level of your modular exhibition stand design. You can use this idea for self-build exhibition stands.

7. Install Attractive Lighting System

Gone are the days, when a traditional style flat-screen TV can grab the attention of potential customers. You should use the latest style lighting system in your exhibition stand.

The concept of lighting is not new, but most exhibitors forget to use the optimum lighting system in their exhibition stand. The different styles of lighting fixtures can create a positive ambiance and highlight products inside the exhibition stand.

8. Mix Fabric And Different Colors

You should try to appeal to the emotions and imagination of your exhibition stand. Therefore, you should do experiments and try to mix fabrics and different colors to grab the attention of trade show attendees. You can also use the texturized display to stand out from all other trade show exhibitors.

9. Trigger Their Curiosity

You should trigger the interest of trade show attendees so that they can resist themselves from entering your booth. Once they visit your booth you can convert your prospects into leads. Your competitors may be using an open environment to attract their prospects.

You should design your modular exhibition stand in such a way that attendees have to peek around the corner to grab the attention of potential customers. You can also take help of exhibition stand designers.

Make sure when the secrecy revealed to the potential customers, then it should be capable enough to create a memorable experience for them.

10. Provide Relaxing Lounge

The trade show attendees are standing on their feet the whole day long and they feel tired. If you provide a relaxing lounge in your exhibition stand for trade show attendees, then you can make invite more attendees to your trade booth so that you can provide a relaxing space for them. This is the perfect time to start your conversation and convince them to sell your products and services.


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