How OTAs can Reduce Booking Abandonment

How OTAs can Reduce Booking Abandonment

Online Travel Agencies or OTAs scale-up their profit-margin through selling their products and services to their clients. But what if your visitor leaves your site while browsing and never make a comeback? This is known as booking abandonment and various factors including a slow website with bad interface induce the fume of discouragement among your visitors. Losing a probable client is definitely the minus point for any business, since you have already implemented many strategies to cater to the needs of your clients and invested in marketing to reach out to them. But all your efforts will go to vain, if your user doesn’t find you to be reliable and efficient.

Among all the other sectors, it is the travel sites that have witnessed highest number of booking abandonment, but there’s still plenty they can do to keep the problem to a minimum.

Before knowing, how travel sites can reduce booking abandonment, it is better to identify the factors, which are creating havoc.

The lengthy and complicated booking process

If you want to buy something online and you visit the particular site and find it out to be slow and complicated, you will definitely leave the site instantly and move into a new site delivering the same service but also proffering you a good user-experience. Since your portal is your first look, make sure your portal is easy to use, user-friendly, device-friendly and have all the features, and the user must execute the process without any complications.

Lengthy research process

Many travel purchases are relatively expensive for the user and they pay a hefty amount of time in comparing and researching, which means the traveler will visit several sites before making a final decision. In order to encourage your user, you must find a way to give them a good deal, which they won’t find anywhere and decide to make a purchase from your site.

How to reduce booking abandonment?

Improve the booking process

Completing the booking process is mainly about searching, selecting and purchasing travel related required services. If your site loads each page instantly and provides the required details, it motivates the user to book and buy your services.

Develop a mobile app

If you have an app in today’s era, there’s nothing a better way than this to reach out to your clients. since your competitors have their presence in mobile or smartphones and people prefer to book from an app, so you should consider developing one.

Payment mode

When people are purchasing everything online, they would love to pay it online. Make sure, your site and app both are integrated with multiple payment options.

To run a travel business smoothly and efficiently, you must first build a platform that has the ability to deliver your services to your clients instantly and conveniently. When you invest in a travel technology solution, it helps you not only in delivering out of the box services but also reach out to your clients easily.

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