Informative Guide to Seedboxes – All You Need to Know

Informative Guide to Seedboxes – All You Need to Know

The data privacy is considered as an important factor for all. In almost everything, we are always looking for complete privacy so that we can stay safe. For that purpose, seedboxes have earned much popularity when it comes to files downloads from torrents. Hence, privacy is a considerable factor in monitor web traffic and private internet activities. It can provide exact solutions to all of its featured with the right tool. A remote server that has a public IP address and holds a high-speed data unit is popular as a seedbox. It is used for uploading and downloading of torrent files at high-speed. 

The speed of this remote server ranges from 100 MB to 10 GB. In case you have access to the seedbox, you can easily download torrent files without being tracked. In other words, you can access devices with a super-fast internet connection. This system is equipped to download and upload files from torrents. There are endless advantages of downloading torrent files from a seedbox. This article will cover the details of seedbox, like uses of seedbox, types of seedbox, and importance of seedbox.

Is Seedbox Safe to Protect Privacy?

The seedboxes are totally safe, helps in high-speed downloading of torrent files. This web application can torrent securely without seeking notice from the ISP. In case of file transfer from seedbox to a device, you might look out for the FTP Protocol. It runs on FTPS or Port 22 to firmly encrypt file sending between seedbox and your laptop or computer. 

Different Types of Seedbox

The following are the different types of seedboxes available online-

  • VPS Seedbox: VPS refers to as Virtual Private Server, which is set-up on a seedbox. It privately runs on an Operating System, and users are allowed to have access to that Operating System. It helps users to install nearly any software that runs on that Operating system. This server is preferred by intermediate users, who want to start a new. 
  • Dedicated Seedbox: This dedicated server mainly depends upon your seedbox. A dedicated seedbox ensures that other users will be sharing the same resources on that specific server. This dedicated server is costly but ideal for usage. However, if you are new to the seedbox, you won’t be capable of using it completely. 
  • Shared Seedbox: It is the most suitable server for new users to seedbox. It offers the best set-up for normal to average users. In this set-up, multiple users’ accounts can be configured on the remote server. A shared seedbox allows all users to access overall resources and is separately allocated for use. All applications and software come pre-installed with the set-up and are incredibly helpful for beginners. 

How to Access Seedbox?

A seedbox can be connected from any device, which supports browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It can also be used from any operating system or device that supports a browser. It is a web application, so all the torrent activities situated on the cloud server, and there’s no torrenting impact on your devices, which your ISP can find or see. The users of android devices can easily control seedbox through Transdrone, which is a free app.

In the recent era, seedboxes are more significant to download torrent files safe and securely. You can use this remote server to store media, files, and set up additional access to an existing media server. However, to seek advantage of root access that supports protocol you’ll need for business purposes.

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