3 Fun Activity You Should Not Miss Doing While Climbing Aconcagua

3 Fun Activity You Should Not Miss Doing While Climbing Aconcagua

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in both western and southern hemispheres. Having a height of 22,837 feet, it is considered among the second-highest of the seven summits. Every year the mountain receives a huge number of people coming for climbing Aconcagua. Climbing mountains is one of the fast-growing sports activities in recent times. With having no activity to keep our body fit and physically sound, people are choosing climbing as a physical activity.

It’s like a dime a dozen to get lost in the woods being the city slickers. But, you may feel a bit apprehensive about hiking a high altitude. As ascending high altitudes requires a lot of physical endurance and strength. Climbing is one of the most mentally and physically demanding activities.

Most of the climbers conquer the mountain through nutritious food like canned beans, snacks rich in protein, and carbohydrate. Climbing benefits you in so many ways. But if you are going to climb for the first time then it’s better to opt for Aconcagua guided climb. There are many organizations which offer periodic expedition with experienced mountaineers.

If you are out for a solo climbing, then sometimes you may find yourself bored on the trail. Even when you are with a bunch of travelers, still you may find boring sometimes. So., it will be even more fun if you do some fun activities while climbing. Here’s the list of fun activity you can do while climbing.

Bird watching

While you climb high altitude, witnessing breathtaking view would be a dime a dozen activity. But, witnessing birds soaring high above the sky would be more amazing on the top. In this case, you just need to grab yourself a binocular.

Hunting Food

By hunting, you must have thought about preying on wildlife creatures and endangered species. No! Don’t be so cruel on earth. Let every life blossom on this mother earth. But, still you can hunt your food without causing any damage to the environment. Like you can hunt fruit trees or herb bushes for your food.

Find yourself

In daily chaotic life, it’s very natural that you loose your true existence. Somewhere while coping with the world, you tend to forget your inner potential. In the mountain, it’s the only time to find yourself again. Otherwise, there are no point climbing mountains if you don’t realize your true self. Once you realize it, you will fall in love with mother nature and its creation.


Finding a perfect group for the first time might be a bit difficult. But, there are organizations which provide Aconcagua guided climb on a period gap. So, you can visit with them. They have a bunch of experienced travellers to guide you along the journey. You will be able to learn so many things on the trail.

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