3 Types of dermal filler to Fill in Your Face

3 Types of dermal filler to Fill in Your Face

Facial fillers can work like a magic by plumping your thinning lips, giving your eyebrows a life, enhancing your cheekbones, smoothing your smile lines, erasing under-eye circles, and make you look more rejuvenated, rested, and younger.

The Dermal fillers woodland hillscosmetic and wellness centers are becoming highly popular in recent times. It requires very little time to inject the dermal fillers. There are various types of dermal fillers available. In this blog, you will be covered up with the top five types of dermal fillers. But before you choose one of them you should know how to choose the suitable fillers.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.

How would you choose any dermal fillers?

Choosing the right dermal fillers depends on your preference, budget, doctor’s consultation, and skin nuances. There are experts all over the world to guide you to choose the apt one for you. Dermal fillers are not like other injectables for example botox, xeomin, dysport, etc. Fillers only help to enhance a certain area. There are various types of fillers available like juvederm, restylane, sculptra aesthetic, etc. You should consult with your doctors and test your skin type before applying any fillers.

Juvederm dermal fillers

There are different forms of juvederm fillers like juvederm voluma xc, juvederm ultra xc, and juvederm volbella xc. Each form is used to treat different areas. The juvederm voluma is used to bring back the child-like contours to your cheeks. Also, it helps to smooth the nasolabial folds lines and the marionette lines. Whereas the ultra xc help to plump up your lip lines. The same thing can be performed by juvederm volbella xc. There are experts in Juvederm woodland hillscosmetic and wellness centers who can guide you better on the applications of this filler.

The elasticity, volume, and skin moisture of our skin depend on hyaluronic acid. But as we age it slims down making the wrinkles and fine lines more prominent. In Juvederm fillers, this HA is injected and naturally plumps up the skin. The Juvederm filler treatment can last up to 18months depending on the material.

Restylane fillers

The restylane can treat various problems like smoothing away wrinkles, voluming thin lips, etc. In these fillers a thicker gel named restylane lyft is used for fine lining the nasolabial folds and wrinkles. It is especially designed for lips enhancement.

Sculptra aesthetic

Sculptra filler is now an approved treatment. It can be used for building up cheeks, fill in sunken areas and hollows of our face. The process helps in augmenting skin thickness so that lines and folds don’t appear prominently. For prominent results of this treatment it may take up to 6 weeks.


With the progression of medical science, there are ways now to look flawlessly beautiful. In Voluma woodland hills cosmetic and wellness centers, there are specialized doctors who have field knowledge and experience on this and they can provide you with the best treatments ever.

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