4 Top Reasons to Use LED High Bay Lights for Warehouse

4 Top Reasons to Use LED High Bay Lights for Warehouse

It seems that you are looking for the best high bay lights for your warehouse. So, why don’t you choose the LED lights to illuminate your large indoor? They are in great demand nowadays.

Gone are the days when a large indoor area with high ceilings used to be decked up with high intensity discharge (HID) lamps such as metal halide, high-pressure sodium lamps and many more. People used to prefer these as they were the finest lighting option a few years ago.

However, things changed with the inception of the dazzling LED lights.

Most of the factory owners are now using LED high bay lights to brighten up the entire warehouse. Probably, they use 150watt high bay lights to light up their warehouses.

But why LED? Why not fluorescent lights?

Strong reasons are shown to prove why people are highly recommending LED high bay lights for a large venue with high ceilings.

Excited to learn about them? Let’s unfold them gradually.

4 Reasons to purchase LED High Bay Lights for Warehouse

  1. High lighting efficiency: The dazzling LED lights leave no space to amaze the audience. Its extreme efficiency of distributing light uniformly over the entire area can’t be beaten by any other lighting option, not even the HID lamps.

    Moreover, these high bay lights offer lesser light distortion and a negligible static buildup compared to traditional fluorescent lights. They really score high when it comes to Color Rendering Index (CRI), Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) and Foot Candles.

    Why will anyone switch to any other high bay lights when they have such an effective option available in the market?
  2. It saves a lot of energy: Energy savings is one of those significant reasons for using LED lights for warehouse. You may prefer any other lighting options, but none of them will offer this advantage. 
    LED high bay lights are accessible in different ranges, from 95watts to 495watts. Switching on to any of these lights, for example, 100watt high bay dimmable lights will immediately cut down the energy consumption by 40%.

    The more the energy savings, the more dollars you can save from your electricity bill. Therefore, it will be nothing wrong to denote this as a cost-effective lighting option to solve your purpose. Isn’t it?
  3. Say “no” to high maintenance cost: Another reason to consider these lights is the maintenance cost. Very few lighting options offer a reduction in maintenance cost and these LED high bay lights are one of them.

    LED lights have more lifespan than traditional lights. How is this related to maintenance cost?
    High longevity means there will be fewer requirements for the replacement of bulbs which in turn reduces the less usage of equipment need for maintenance.

    Maintenance of high bay lights indeed an important consideration. Since they are installed in areas with high ceiling and large space, there has to be some specialized equipment ready for this. For example, scaffolding, catwalks, and hydraulic lifts are needed for replacing the bulbs. Whereas, these pieces of equipment require additional maintenance costs.

    With the great lifespan of LED lights, your overall maintenance costs will be reduced to a great extent. Such an economical concept, isn’t it? 
  4. Generates less heat: LED lights, especially the 100-watt high bay dimmable lights are known for power consumption. But do you know LED lights are even popular for no heat emission?

    Surprised? You should be. There were days when bulbs turn out to be hot red if it is switched on for an hour. But with LED no such generation of heat takes place.

    The best thing about this is you don’t need any extra cooling costs to cool down the temperature. Hence these lights are perfect for refrigeration warehouses where it becomes easier to maintain the refrigeration temperature.

Summing up

Plenty of options are there to lighten up a warehouse. But among them, it is the LED high bay lights that get highlighted. Not just for warehouses, these LED lamps have many other applications as well. For example, they are used in sport compounds, parking zones, loading docks and many more.

So, don’t you think you must take advantage of these lights to illuminate your industrial sector? Indeed, they are more efficient than traditional lights.

Just buy the 150 watt high bay lightsor the dimmable LED lights and use it once. We are sure you won’t find any excuse to avoid them.      

Amit Sharma

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