6 Flowers That Could Be Your Secret Messenger

6 Flowers That Could Be Your Secret Messenger

Flowers are not just pretty petals and bright colors. In fact, they are so much more than we can see in real life. When we give flowers to someone, we are not just giving them some aromatic blooms; we send them a message. The message could be for friendship, sympathy, an act of love, and more! It is a wide known fact that flowers are known to carry some underlying message with them. Each flower has a meaning and can express your emotions or message to the person aptly. So, next time, send roses online to someone you love, admire, or care for, keep flowers, and their meanings in mind. I believe you would not want to convey a wrong message to anyone special in your life. So, be sure which flower you would want to send to your beloved as it will speak volumes of your unspoken emotions.

The language of flowers is not just confined to conveying love, but it also expresses friendship, jealousy, possessiveness, etc. So, be aware of the meanings beforehand to prevent any confusion or a mess. Here are listed some flowers with their meaning attached! So, waste no more time and dive in.

  • Pink Carnations:

The flower is often underrated but conveys a lovely message for you. It goes like, “I will never forget you.” So, if someone very dear to you is going far away from you to work or study, then you can send this flower at their doorstep to tell them that they are irreplaceable and won’t be forgotten regardless of the distance in between. So, look for online flower delivery, if you wish to bid a farewell to someone with a broad smile on their lips. 

  • Chrysanthemums:

Who does not love honest people? Everyone does, right? Send this fantastic flower of Chrysanthemums to some whose honesty you adore the most. Tell them that you admire their trait of being honest and pure at heart. They will be delighted to be appreciated for something which is rarely found in today’s world.

  • Daffodils:

The message a daffodil flower carries within is that of “new beginnings.” Yes, so, in my opinion, this flower is apt to be gifted to a new mom, or a newly-wed person. So, to ensure your loved ones have a perfect beginning something significant in their life, send them this flower to convey your warm wishes and greetings.

  • Purple Hyacinths:

Have you ever intentionally or unintentionally hurt someone? Are you now feeling remorse as the guilt is silently eating you alive? Send them a purple Hyacinth flower since this flower will seek an apology on your behalf as it says, “please forgive me.” Getting forgiveness should not be your aim; rather, it should be conveying a sorry to the person. So, with online flower delivery in Mumbai, say sorry to someone who is hurt by you.

  • Petunias:

Well, we all are quite familiar with this flower since they can be easily found in gardens as they enhance their beauty. However, did you ever think of them carrying any underlying message beneath? No right? Let me pop the bubble for you here. Petunias speak for the importance of someone in your life. Yes, you heard me right. Tell someone their presence in your life means so much to you.

  • Tulips:

Now this flower comes as a blessing for those who are n with expressing. Yes, this flower states, “declaration of love.” So, make easy confessions to someone you love by giving them a bouquet of this beautiful flower.

So, select the most appropriate flower if you wish to express something to your beloved. Be expressive with these beauties.


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