A first timer’s guide to keratin hair treatment

A first timer’s guide to keratin hair treatment

“What can I expect while I get a keratin treatment near me?”

If this is the question in your mind then surely you are a first timer. You have had no experience with this hair treatment process so it is very natural to be curious. In fact, experts say that it is better to be inquisitive about the process. That way you are more likely to invest your time in researching. However, there is a tiny issue, which happens to be uncertain information. You will stumble across so many information out there in the beauty world that it is almost impossible to filter through these. Hence, here is a guide for the first time keratin hair treatment pursuers.

What to expect

  • Really ‘loooong’ procedure

Even if you are aware of the long time taking processes, be prepared to be waiting for a longer duration the process in total is going to consume a total of 4 to 6 hours. This depends on your hair’s thickness as well as its length. But what about the additional time?

Keratin treatments take much more time than that as there is an in-between interruption of changing in the process, bathroom breaks and of course the assemblage in the parlor. So clear the entire day’s schedule. That way you are not going to be disappointed and can rest at the end of the session at home without any distress.

  • The smell

Well, there are going to be a lot of chemical application so, it is definitely not going to smell like petals! There will be a lot of raw chemical smells. Mostly it is uncomfortable for the treatment receiver. So be prepared mentally about the strong reaction smell that you have to sit through. The final blowout is, however, going to wash out the smell completely. There is not going to be any remaining stink.

  • Not snow but flakes

After some time in the procedure, you will start to notice flaking. it is embarrassing, right? To even think about dandruff flakes shading while you are in the middle of a hair treatment! But it is not your dandruff that is flaking. In fact, the flakes are products that have been applied, washed and reapplied. This already dry product that is remaining in your hair gets a tug and hence starts to flake.

  • There will be another wash

When you are done with the last blow out and have gone through the flat ironing process, it will be as if you are watching a master at work. But your joy is not going to last for long! There will be another wash and your hair is going to start looking oily and sticky. You will be then advised by the hair professional to keep the hair exactly like it is. Remember not to tie your hair at all during this duration.

After the 3 days pass, you will be going in again to get the final wash and have perfect hair!

So you mean getting a keratin treatment near me is very easy and completely safe?

Yes, that is true! And now as you know exactly what you will be expected to go through, follow every instruction and get the best out of your Brazilian keratin treatment!


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