Best Cities in Asia for Travelling

Are you in Asia for the holidays or are planning a trip there in the near future and haven’t got a clue where to start? Don’t worry; we have your back! The continent is a maze of exploring opportunities from East to West, and finding good places to visit is as easy as ABC. If that’s not the case for you, we’ve lined up some of the region’s best cities to get you started:

1) Paro, Bhutan
Peaks towering into the sky, valleys deep with dense forests, and terrains blessed by Mother Nature, Bhutan is a dream country toward the eastern Himalayas periphery. Paro is its most prized jewel, offering the nation’s sole airport and the most magnificent views known to man. The country, in general, provides the perfect setting for a pilgrimage journey involving scenic climbing and touring monasteries and Buddhist temples built so many centuries ago. The most famous of them all has to the hillside Paro Taktsang, an ancient monastery resting in a verdant valley.

2) George Town, Malaysia
Do you have a thing for mouthwatering, exotic cuisines? And does lovely traditional masonry of the past century amuse you? Then you should fit right in at George Town in Penang Island, Malaysia. Combining Indian, Chinese, and Malay into a holistic and tasty cultural buffet of diversity, the town is famous around the world for its foodie appeal. Roti canai, Hokkien mee, and Penang laksa are some of its most notable delicacies.

3) Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong has everything. Is it beautiful nature that speaks to you? You’ll love Victoria peak! Is it sun-kissed islands that you prefer more than anything from a holiday? Lantau, Lokrum, among many other islands in the vicinity, will impress you. If you appreciate a towering display of modernity, then the city’s more than 300 skyscrapers, the most in the world mind you, will blow your mind! If it’s the simple things in life that give you pleasure,
what you clearly need is to do is go shopping on the street night markets and relaxing at a parlor to a soothing Hong Kong massage, excellent for both body and mind!

4) Seoul, South Korea
The futuristic buildings of Seoul wow travelers every year, but perhaps what’s even more intriguing is the historical side of the ultramodern city. The capital is home to early millennium landmarks like Deoksu, Changdeok, and Gyeongbok Palaces, while traditional wooden houses known as hanoks still decorate hidden cobblestone streets made by monks! It’s also the place to be for an insider’s view of the blossoming K-pop culture that has made
global headlines in recent times.

5) Jaipur, India
The Pink City of Jaipur will have you questioning reality, offering charming architecture with a personality just as curious as its shades. The salmon-colored buildings aside, you’ll certainly love Amber fort, a UNESCO-recognized haven, and the buzzing bazaars and ornate palaces that characterize the rustic cityscape. Your rainbow journey of sightseeing
should also include the Gold city of Udaipur and the Blue City of Jodhpur. For a glimpse of the famous Bengal Tigers of India, spare a day for the Ranthambore Reserve, where massive beasts roam the land.

You should now have a lot of ideas for your trip to Asia!


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