Cloisonné: An ancient jewelry making process known as an ideal method for lapel pins

Cloisonné: An ancient jewelry making process known as an ideal method for lapel pins

Porcelain or cloisonné has been in use as one of the fine jewelries that are dating as far back as the hierarchy of the ancient China. The blend of gold and silver along with the porcelain used in the forms of various jewelry items. Bracelet, rings, and necklace were eventually used in order to create cloisonné pins or the lapel pins.

There were also called other things like the broaches and pendants and were quite simply lapel pins, which were popular and sought after. The cloisonné jewelry, lapel pins, pendants are durable because of the glass and metals that are used. Even they are resistant and impervious for the elements and also for the test of time.

Cloisonné was known to be very popular because there was no probability of getting any kind of scratch on the surface. The time, glass was newly discovered in ancient China and that was more than thousands of years ago because of using the fire along with various stones and crystals. A wide variety of colors were achieved by working in this technique.

The time of producing such items, the design is stamped or in the ancient times, it was cast into the metal. Gold, silver or brass and in the recessed areas were filled by hand with some colored glass also as known as porcelain powder. It used to be hot fired at 1600 to 1900 degrees and then usually grounded and polished by hand in order to create a beautiful rich finish.

After that step, the designing of the jewelry was taken to another step further with the use of enamel paints. Once the lapel pins or jewelry was manufactured and polished, an artist will paint the surface of the glass and create miniature masterpieces of art within the product. Enamel paints were used on the surface of porcelain it was easier as this is easier to get the surface smoother. This process helps making the product to oppose to metals just like the gold and silver.

The time, you want to purchase a high quality lapel pin from the online stores, there are few things you must take care of. Before choosing any of the stores, you need to check all of the details about that store and the kind of products they offer. Reputation does matter and for that reason, check whether they are or not.

Even you can also consider checking the testimonial page they have. This is very helpful to know whether they are able to satisfy the needs their customers have or not. You will get to know the thoughts their customers have.

Do not go for the stores that offer these products at a very low price range as you are not supposed to get such products at a low price. Even if you are getting one, checking properly will be recommended in order to avoid any kind of disappointment afterwards from it.


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