Criminal lawyers North Sydney – Buckley Lawyers

Criminal lawyers North Sydney – Buckley Lawyers

Buckley lawyers can provide you with the best outcomes, and you will get the quality service that you deserve. Our experienced team will provide clear advice and take the time to prepare your case in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Buckley Lawyer’s network of experienced criminal law Barristers ensures you are provided with expert legal representation through the whole process. Our team of professionals are experienced, highly qualified and are in addition accredited specialists. They are an expert in criminal law. Our lawyers are focused on the clients and work really hard to gain the best possible outcome. Our lawyers have built a reputation as a formidable criminal defence team who are well-respected by both magistrates and judges. Our clients benefit from thorough preparation and our persuasive manner in court. Buckley lawyer’s team of criminal lawyers regularly appears in the local, district and supreme courts on a variety of criminal matters, and we know the court process and how to get the best result for our client.

Our broad experience in a range of criminal law cases includes the following areas:

● Defended hearings in both the Local Court, District Courts and Supreme Court of NSW
● Appeals / Sentencing / Bail applications and application for release
● Formal negotiations with police to withdraw your charges
● All types of assault / Sexual related offences
● Section 10 dismissal of charges – non- conviction
● Application for mental condition or illness under sections 32 or 33 of the Mental Health Act
● Child pornography and child abuse related offences/ Use of carriage service to menace or harass
● Animal neglect offences
● Drug possession and supply offences
● Apprehended Violence Orders and breaches
● Resist police arrest
● Larceny offences
● White collar crime related offences / Tax Evasion and Centrelink related offences
● Fraud and dishonestly related offences
● Break and enter
● Firearms offences / Robbery
● Damage property offences
● Confiscation of funds by the police
● Public order offences /Affray
● Terrorism charges / Commonwealth related offences
● Murder and manslaughter

Traffic Law Parramatta

Buckley lawyers are known to be the best traffic lawyers in and around Parramatta. Our clients receive the best legal advice and representation whether they are charged with driving occasioning death, negligent driving, drink-driving issue or drug driving charges, needing representation in a licence appeal to the Local Court or an appeal to the District Court and Court of Criminal Appeal and so forth with every traffic offence in between. Buckley lawyers can provide you with a clear understanding of your circumstances, your rights, and what might be the outcome of your matter. We try to skilfully guide our clients. It is our job to make your complex matter easier through support and the best legal guidance.

An experienced lawyer can only give you the best possible result related to your matter. It does not matter how complex your matter is, Buckley lawyers will get the best solutions of your legal matters. We not only try to save your time, but we also try to save your money in every possible ways. We charge a very affordable and fixed amount to deal with your matter.

If you need for information about Criminal lawyers North Sydney, and Traffic Law Parramatta then get in touch with us now.

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