Experience Hong Kong Like A Local

Experience Hong Kong Like A Local

HONG KONG, the jewel of Asia where the east meets the west. A benchmark of neighboring countries opening its doors to global investors and opportunities. Shopping mecca, Jackie Chan, dim sum, these are just a few of the words associated with the country. Beyond the touristy destinations, there are still more to explore in this country. Exploring Hong Kong as the locals do.

Relax like the locals

Hong Kong is to most, is a concrete jungle. In reality, Hong Kong has a vast nature beyond the financial district, where locals kick-off and relax. These are areas where locals spend to relax and escape the city hustle and bustle.

Discovery Bay. Hop on a ferry and trudge across Victoria Harbor to Discovery Bay. Drop by Uncle Russ Coffee for that morning energizer before heading to the sea. A 1600 acre sprawling land that seats next to Disneyland. A serene and relaxing place line up with good restaurants and resorts next by the beach.

Dragon’s Back. Recognized as the best trekking trail in 2004 by CNN in Hong Kong — Dragon’s Back. The great thing with Dragon’s Back is it is only 30-minutes away from the city via train and bus. An urban hike that lasts for three-and-a-half-hour stretching over 8.5 km long trail. The trail leads to a picturesque view of Hong Kong not known to many. After the long trek, wouldn’t it be great to reward yourself with a Hong Kong massage?

Food binge like the locals

Hong Kong is the melting pot of different cuisines and Michelin star restaurants from all over the world. When you travel to Hong Kong, you should not pass the chance to try these unique Hong Kong delicacies:

1. Hong Kong French Toast – peanut butter jam nestled in two thick bread slices. Chau Kee sells great toast where you can also grab different kinds of dumplings.

2. Roast Meat Rice Box – meat varies from meat, chicken to duck roasted over fire visible to all customers giving the mouth salivating experience. Best bought from local mom and pop stalls that sells just one variety of meat.

3. 24-herb tea (Ya-say-ma) speaks the culture and history of Hong Kong. The tea is not for the faint-hearted as it is utterly bitter.

4. Pineapple buns. Crazy to say that there is no actual pineapple in the bun. Just the sweet essence of melted butter.

5. Snake soup for the adventurers.

Shop like the locals

Shopping – a must when in Hong Kong. Don’t be left out with the fashion trend as you rummage the busy street of Causeway Bay. Just like locals, you can practice your bargaining skills in the ladies’ market. Here, you can find anything and everything from accessories to clothing to souvenirs.

Other shopping districts in Hong Kong

1. Temple Street Night market – where you can buy cheap souvenir items such as T-shirts, antiques, jade sets, and trinkets.

2. Cat Street at the Upper Lascar Road is for antique lovers

3. Golden Computer Arcade and Golden Computer Center – for the geeky techies where you can find the gadgets of your dream.

4. Fa Yuen Street – shopping haven for men and boys featuring sports shoes and sneakers.

5. Granville Road – an alternative to causeway bay where you can score stylish clothes and signature clothes at a discount.


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