Female Chimney Sweeps Across the World

Female Chimney Sweeps Across the World

If you have read the poem Chimney Sweeper by William Blake, then you know that in those days, kids were appointed to sweep the chimneys in rich households. However, that was 1789, and this is 2019, the time has gone through an evolution.

In recent days chimney sweeping is no rare work and women are doing it like men. If you have a chimney in your home, then you can always hire a woman sweeper who can be from a company or owner of their business. You will find women doing this work just as efficiently as a man can do it. So, before you hire someone for this task, you need to know some important things. 

The Need for Chimney Sweep

Creosote is a chemical which stores inside the chimney and if you are not careful enough, it may burn down your house. The cleaning of chimneys is the only way to get rid of creosotes and keep your beloved home safe. If you clean the chimney periodically, soots, dirt and other damages will stay away from the tunnel. Also, it will be able to give you proper warmth in winter times. If you clean the chimney after a long time, the cost of it will be higher. If you hire female chimney sweep it will be the same for the most part and you will get better cleaning. 

Strong references

When you are looking for a chimney sweeper you have to search for the best reference you can get for them. The worker can give you the same from your friends or some reputed company. Or you can ask your neighbors or colleagues for the reference of a chimney sweep. You can also go for a contractor about this, but if they refuse to give you references, you must not hire them. 

Insured for work in a home

Before you hire a worker whether they are female or male, you have to look for their insurance, if they are insured to work in a home or not. This happens that local chimney sweep sometimes ends up damaging the house or if they get injured; they might ask money for you to cover their injuries. So, to avoid these scenarios, you must look for the insurance and if a company or individual refuses to do so, find another suitable one. 

Right identification

You need to ask the sweeper about their ID. You must not allow anyone who you do not recognize as the legit worker. A chimney sweepers costume and ID badge is the proof of their authenticity, and you can trust them. 

Telephone scams

The world is filled with scams, and when you are about to find a local chimney sweep, you will get telemarketer’s phone. They might tell you that you will get a special discount, but you can end up with a non-professional chimney sweeper. This will not be a waste of your money but your time too. So, try not to believe this thing, and search a good worker on your own. It will always be better if you hire a woman chimney sweep. 

A woman chimney sweeper will work just as a man and they will always give value for their work, and you will get the satisfaction. 


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