Fly To Shri Kedarnath Shrine By Helicopter And Ease Your Tarriance

Fly To Shri Kedarnath Shrine By Helicopter And Ease Your Tarriance

Visiting to Shri Kedarnath temple has always been a pious work. The one, who gets chance to go there always feel peaceful after visiting the temple, and I don’t think that there would be anyone, who could be reluctant of going there.

I too got such a wonderful opportunity to visit this one of the four dhams and when my friends asked about it, I happily agreed to go there. Hence, we decided to start our sojourn at the beginning of the June.

There were two main purposes behind choosing this duration; out of which, one was obviously visiting the holy temple and we all were highly in need of some peaceful break from our hectic schedule, which we were going to get from this trip.

The second imperative reason behind choosing the duration was high hitting temperature of the city, which was definitely affecting our mind and body. So, we were also in search for something; which can save us from this hot weather and soothe our body.

Thus, as soon as one of our dearest friends got the idea of visiting the temple; no one of us could refuse it and hence we decided to kick off the tarriance.

We started our journey from capital city of the country and heart of the India; Delhi and started our journey by train to Dehradun, which was our first stoppage of the visit.

It took about 6 hours to reach Dehradun and we took a long breath after reaching there, since weather of the city was very nice and we have gotten some relax from the heat of Delhi.

Then, our next destination was Phata, which we decided to cover via rental car and reached to the destination within 5 hours.

Since, we decided to go for Kedarnath Yatra by Helicopter, which was scheduled on next day. Hence, we got a few hours to take rest and take a brief visit to this beautiful hamlet.

Next day, we had to reach to Phata helipad by 9 am, thus we decided to sleep early at the night. After all, we were not in mood of missing our private jet.

After taking a long rest at we night, we were totally rejuvenated and ready for our Kedarnath Yatra Helicopter. I must tell you, this was a very refreshing and mind blowing idea to go by helicopter, and since it helped us in remaining fresh to enjoy the beauty of Shri Kedarnath full heartedly and without getting tired.

Moreover, I think it is totally required to go by helicopter, so that you can enjoy the pulchritudinous nature around the temple. However, you can decide to make your returning journey by walking as we too did.
We returned stayed to temple overnight and decided to return via our feet, so that we can take a deep look at the beauty of whole route of the temple.

This is how our 4 days journey to Kedarnath completed and we really felt reinvigorated after coming back to Delhi. In fact, I would love to suggest everyone else to take out some time from his or her busy schedule and go for this journey in order to regain his or her energy back. Since, you can attain high peace while you visit to temple. Moreover I would specially suggest for using helicopter service to reach temple.

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This article is written by Shraddha Sachan, she is Digital Marketing Consultant by profession. She loves to explore new things, she loves to travel new places and here she shared her personal experience while she is travelling to Kedarnath by helicopter.


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