Four Best USB Charging Anti Theft Backpacks for Smartbuy

Four Best USB Charging Anti Theft Backpacks for Smartbuy

TheUSB charging anti-theft backpacks are handy and compact-design that offer extreme levels of protection to users. They come in distinct sizes, compartments, and color options according to buyers’ needs. It can carry maximum belongings, including laptops, other electronic gadgets, books and personal items. The anti-theft backpacks can even fit power banks and extra batteries, which makes charging convenient and your device alive for long hours.

If you’re looking for the best theft-free backpacks at affordable cost, continue reading this following piece. It will discuss the importance of  USB charging anti-theft backpacks and list different types of backpacks available today!

Here are the top five benefits of theft-free backpacks as follows-

  • more durable  
  • anti-theft design  
  • complete security
  • versatility
  • total comfort

Different Types of USB Charging Anti Theft Backpacks

  1. Multipurpose Laptop Backpack:
    This multipurpose anti-theft backpack can hold an approx capacity of 42liter and measures 15 x 8 x 22 meters. It is one of the perfect choices of backpacks with USB charging options for business trips. This laptop backpack allows you to carry a 15.6-inch laptop with comfort. That’s suitable for most business owners, children and travelers. This backpack is designed with multiple compartments to carry daily necessities. The primary compartment is fitted with the padded covering to keep your laptops along with eight functional zippers. This cool backpack is even featured with a 3.0 USB charging port that settles near the shoulder strap. It provides your built-in charging cables to connect with the external power sources.
  2. Traveler’s Backpack: This theft-free laptop backpack is very multipurpose. If you’re planning to go on business tours or spend vacation, this spacious traveler’s backpack can be the best choice. This backpack is quite large and can hold 45liter capacity. Also, the unique design of this laptop bag favors air travel standards. This travel-friendly backpack comes with an external micro-USB port and built-in charging cables, which can even be used for external power sources. It is also designed with headphone space that facilitates easy access to headphones and numerous hidden pockets as well.
  3. Superior Anti-Theft Backpack: This high-quality theft-free backpack is featured with strong-metal zippers to fulfill all your storage needs. It is designed with adjustable padded straps that offer minimum pressure on shoulders while carrying heavy loads. Also, the anti-theft pattern is combined with buckles and coded locks make it risk-free while traveling long distances. However, this superior quality backpack is quite small and compressed in design compared to other variants. It can help buyers to carry a 15.6-inch laptop and a few essentials. This cool backpack even featured with an external charging port, in-built charging cables and headphone passages.
  4. Stylish Theft-Free Backpack: This compact anti-theft backpack is extremely stylish that’s available online at present. It comes with soft-padded sleeve layers to offer extra comfort to the carrier. This cool backpack measures 15 x 7.9 x 21meters to carry a 15.6-inch laptop inside without much hassle. It also has multifunctional pockets on all the sides to offer convenience to buyers and hide their valuables. In addition, this stylish backpack comes with an external port interface that lets you charge your smartphone while traveling. Also, the zippers aren’t visible at first sight, which helps to avoid theft-related problems. This USB charging anti-theft backpack is manufactured with water-repellent and anti-scratch material. Hence, it is another best option for buyers to travel with.  

Therefore, anti-theft backpacks with USB charging options are much more convenient rather than top-branded laptop backpacks. So, let us hope that the above-mentioned list will help you to make the best buy in the near future.

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