How can International Students do Part Time Jobs in Malaysia?

How can International Students do Part Time Jobs in Malaysia?

Malaysia has become an important destination in recent time for professionals and students. While young professionals or expats come to settle down to have a prospective career here, international students come for their studies and settle down here permanently with prospective jobs. Employment opportunities are quite a lot and international students feel comfortable and safe, with low costs of living in the country. There are many who do part time jobs of different kinds in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the developed countries of the world in today’s time.

How can International Students do Part Time Jobs in Malaysia?

Like in every other Asian countries of the world, for doing part-time or full-time jobs by expats or international students, certain rules need to be followed in Malaysia too:

  • First of all, international students should have a valid student visa to study in Malaysia and to take up part-time jobs.
  • International Students are permitted to do part-time jobs in Malaysia for 20-hours in a week. They can do job only when they have semester breaks or a long holiday extending 7 days.
  • Students, once, they complete their graduation, their visa gets cancelled. If they want to stay back, they have to be engaged in part time jobs. For this, first of all, they have to extend their visa and get a “special visa” for a month. During this one month period, they have to look for appropriate part time jobs. Once they get the job, they have to get the work visa from the employer who appoints them. It is the duty of the employers to apply and sponsor the work permit to do part time jobs by the students.
  • No international students are allowed to do part time jobs or even full time jobs without a valid work visa.

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Proper job search strategy to follow for part time jobs

Usually, there are policies in Malaysia where employers have to give first preference to the local students. They are not allowed to hire foreign students or expats.  International students have to follow a proper job search approach to get good part time and full time jobs in Malaysia. During the period of their studies, when they are involved in part time jobs, it helps them to gain an exposure and grow a network, which help them to get permanent jobs after their graduation.

Some tips:

  • Attend campus fairs in your college or other job fairs in and around your locality.
  • Carry your CV with you, mentioning details about your skills as you are still a student and do not have job experience.
  • There are companies under Malaysia Digital Economy Corporations (MDEC) thatare given permission to hire internationalstudents. Many part time jobs are available for students.
  • Normally most of these employers are involved in IT and ITES sectors. International students can apply for part time jobs in IT field. The options are many like as website writing, blogging, SEO, online tutoring, tele-calling etc., which are just appropriate for students to do as part time jobs.
  • International students can also engage in part time jobs by doing internships with companies where they are paid a stipend too.
  • Other sectors in which International students can try for part time jobs in Malaysia are the management, finance sectors. This is because, in many cases, employers find difficult to get local candidates with expertise in management or finance. And companies can hire expats only when they do not find suitable local candidates. So, finance or management International students can definitely get good part time jobs here.
  • Also, it has been advised by experts that international students to get hired by employers in Malaysia should learn the local language.This acts as an advantage to them for better hiring.


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