How Property Managers can Approach the Right Audience with Social Media?

How Property Managers can Approach the Right Audience with Social Media?

Once optimised through the usual SEO practices, the content funnel pulls people to your sales page and effective to retain them for longer. Social media strategies are executed in the same way which directs content to the interest-based audience and starts bringing traffic during the first initial days.

‘Freshness boost’ is revamping the page with fresh content that can be text and multimedia and this particular practice keeps the page rank up on the internet just for being new. Although the thrust is significant, most of the new content is wasted being dormant during the first few days. It just sits there, draws a few people being on the search engine and drops once freshness wears off.

But that brief period of boost is the time to win loyal audience who land on the website. Track their preferences and products they search for most. And if you incorporate social media links in the content, traffic would be greater than expected and freshness factor would last long enough for you to come up with something new.

The ultimate outcome of the strategy is the creation of a self-reinforcing spiral that can viral even the simplest content but, the occurrence is rare, like one in a billion. For those who’re lucky enough to ride consistently up the spiral and receive even a 10% increase, they can have enough organic traffic on the sales page that client(s) would probably approach and request you to partner with them.

But of course, all of this is very normal in SEO practices but when social media steps in, you have the opportunity to widen your approach and:

  • Respond to queries from your customer base
  • Identification of your corporate name and logo among the relevant communities
  • Display your expertise before the potential future clients and,
  • Direct organic traffic to your sales loop

The ‘Sharing is Caring’ motive

The real fact which sets social media unique from other marketing classifications is pulling the client base to yourself but, the process isn’t always recognised as marketing. Industry experts call it sharing with people who’ll actually appreciate it. Social media posts that aren’t shared doesn’t mean they’re sloppy or doomed to fail but, how to get them shared in the first place?

Emotion is the ultimate answer and the key which drives people to care and share thus starting a chain. For real estate managers and active agents in the industry, here’re some of the most inducing emotions to draw an audience and convert them into real buyers or renters:

  • The outrage hack

Go for a short and stimulating fact (best if written next to a relevant and powerful image) that spark the readers and make them comment, counter-comment so on. It’s better to avoid incorporating a link in the post because you don’t want to ease their outrage by a larger and more detailed content.Be sure the entire strategy is relevant to the audience that can be your current tenants, potential owners, future buyers. Solution to the problem can be included in the linked comment.

  • Assistive approach

Present the tenants with a brief explanatory video which stimulate them in doing something annoying (not harmful)that the lease actually demands and share it publicly on social media. Your tenants are likely to view such things along with many others out there searching for the same or closely linked information.

  • Be hilarious

Tell the readers of a weirdly funny event or something that happened with one of your property unit or tenants and do explain how you come over the issue. Such things are better explained in a blog post,but a witty summary with a social media link would do as well. Memes here are the best if you have a good grip on the context medium.

  • Curiosity

Take the same approach as you did with being humorous but conclude by raising inquisitiveness for the readers.

If yours is a real estate development company in Dubai with an official website, the approach can definitely bring some profitable customers.


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