How to Achieve Your Travel Goal on a Budget

How to Achieve Your Travel Goal on a Budget

Being a vagabond is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although we all are born with a wanderlust bug inside us and at times it pushes us to take a break from the monotony and live our dream in our terms. But the situation inside our wallet has a different story to share. It pulls us back and reminds us of the responsibilities and hence we left with nothing and had to compromise with our dream. Many of us plan for a trip the whole year and when the time comes to execute the plan, we step back thinking about the budget and such financial crisis we may have to face after returning from the trip. But you know what, there is nothing better than achieving your travel goal and nothing can stop you from achieving your goal, especially when you can stick to a budget.

If you are passionate about traveling, you read travel blogs of globetrotters across the world. While going through these travel blogs, you might have come across the word ‘backpackers’. Backpackers are the travelers, who travel the whole world within a limited budget and still enjoy the luxury of exploring the world. You don’t need a luxury budget to travel, but smart planning and ability to stick to the plan. Here’s how you can satiate your wanderlust thirst with a limited budget.

Set travel goal

Whether you want to travel to a particular destination or having a list full of multiple destinations set your goal first. It will determine your budget. The list should also include how long you want to stay there. When you identify the destination and number of days you are going to stay, you can make an estimated budget for the trip. From booking flight, local transport, hotel booking and sightseeing, you can make a proper plan for the expenses.

Make saving a priority

Start saving months before you set out for your trip. Making saving your prime responsibility when investing in a trip, as later you will have enough cash to spend without burning a hole in your pocket. Spend some extra hours at the office of possible in case you need a little more money.

Create your budget and save some extra bucks

With the internet, it has become easy to analyze the approximate cost of your travel for a specific location. Make some research through search engines to know how much budget you may require while traveling to your dream destination. From lodging expenses to food cost, local transport fare, sightseeing, fun and adventure activities, you need to include everything while making a budget. Book budget air tickets online and try to purchase flight ticket from a flight booking portal or airline that offering discounts. Book a hotel in the same manner and try to avail discount.

Consider cheap transport option

Public transport is the best way to save your money while on a tour. Hiring a personal cab or taxi may cost you a hefty amount of money. Public transport fare is considerably lower in compare to private taxi. The biggest mistake you could make is to skip over comparing airfare on more than one resource. While reaching your destination, prefer bus or metro to travel across the city.

Pack less and pack smart

Don’t pack everything you have at home. Pack clothes that suites with the weather of the place you are traveling to. Don’t forget fast-aid box as you don’t know when you are going to need them. Instead of spending money buying this, take it with you. Don’t forget hygiene products. Also, you have to make sure, you are not having a heavy bag, otherwise you have to pay for it at the airport while weighing your luggage.

Skip hotel

If you are on a multi-city tour, prefer exploring a city on day and travel to the other city at night. It will save your expenditure on booking hotels. It seems tiresome, but you can sleep while traveling in a train too.

Backpackers don’t travel on a luxurious budget, but they travel smartly. Start saving your money for your vacation this summer.

Aayushi Pradhan

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