How to Monitor the Installed Apps Software on Windows Computer Remotely?

How to Monitor the Installed Apps Software on Windows Computer Remotely?

Computer devises these days are popular in the world. The laptop and desktop PCs have been penetrated in every walk of life and without it, you cannot store run any business, governmental organization, education institute and plenty of other things. Since the internet has come into existence everyone love to use the PCs whether laptop or desktops for so many activities. However, people are desperate to know what sort of activities are happening on someone else computer device for a variety of reasons. However, two groups of peoples are desperate more than anyone else, one is parents and the other one is employers or business community.

They are the people that want to know every single activity young teens and kids have performed on PC devices. Furthermore, employers are the ones that want to monitor activities of employees on the company’s owned laptop and desktop devices. Moreover, you can monitor the installed app’s software on computers remotely but you have to use dedicated computer monitoring software. Let’s get to know how you can get your hands on it to get the job done.

Install Windows monitoring app on target PC

Spying on windows laptop and desktop PCs is not that much easy unless you have powerful tracking software for computing devices. So, you have to get your hands on the tool that empowers you to remotely access to the target device after you have installed the best PC spy software. Today I am going to guide you on how you can track someone’s laptop and desktop within no time. Let’s discuss the steps you need to follow to get your aim convincingly.

Get Subscription of windows surveillance app online

Do you have an internet connection? If you have then connected it with your computer browser and search for the best computer spying software and get access to the official webpage of TheOneSpy tracking software for PC. Moreover, get subscriptions online and in response, you will receive an email alongside the login credentials.

Get physical access on a target computer device

Now you need to have physical access on the target device to operate it personally and get started with the process of installation. When you have completed the installation process on the target PC then complete the activation process.

Use Login credentials to have access to the web portal

Now you can use the login credentials and further get access to the online control panel of the PC surveillance software. Moreover, you can visit all the tools that will enable you to remotely spy on target computer activities and data including installed apps software. Let’s get to know about all the tools that are best for windows surveillance.

Use Computer tracking software for windows features

View installed applications

You can remotely get access to the target windows computer devices and you can monitor all the installed application or software instantly. You will have list of applications on target device user is using on the laptop desktops.

Block Websites

For parental and business purposes you can block inappropriate and time wasting activities on target device running with windows OS. Furthermore, all you need to do is to put the URLs into filters and get the job done.

Windows Browsing history

You can get access to all the visited apps and websites on target device with windows browsing history tools remotely on target device. You will get to know what sort websites target user has visited and as well as bookmarks.

Surround recorder

You can remotely control the PC MIC and let you to record surround sounds and conversations using MIC bug app for windows. Later on you can listen to the surround recorder voices and conversations.

Computer camera photos

You can also remotely control laptops front camera and you will be able to capture images to know who is up to the target windows computer.

Screen recorder

End user can remotely perform live screen recording on target PC screen and further you can record short videos of the screen and you can view the live recorded videos using web portal.


Windows tracking app is the best tool that empowers you to get access to the target device and enable you to monitor all the activities happen including installed apps software on PC.


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