How to Use Telegram to Do Business

How to Use Telegram to Do Business

Digital is a continuous and varied offer of useful business tools, which are intertwined with their personal and daily use. Think about social networks, think about blogs and search for information and think about instant messaging apps.

A specific example? Telegram. The increasingly popular instant messaging app, used for personal conversations, can reserve you marketing and communication opportunities that you should begin to consider in your strategy because they could prove more advantageous than you think.

How to use Telegram for your business? Here are some concrete tips.

Telegram marketing and business tool

Telegram is an app developed in an excellent way: it offers a secure messaging system, guarantees large file shares, and makes communication with large groups of people possible.

And it reserves you many valuable marketing and business opportunities. Here it is!

1. Telegram is a connection and comparison tool

Telegram is a powerful connection tool: the groups that you can create through the platform can count up to 200 members, the super-groups reach 5,000 members, a huge number.

The groups and super-groups are dialogue, they are sharing, they are comparison and this will make it possible for you to establish a direct and human relationship with your target audience or with a particular segment.

There is also another very important advantage: Telegram groups can register via the link that the app generates, therefore without necessarily having to use personal contact information, such as phone number (as happens, for example, on WhatsApp).

2. Telegram is a content sharing and promotion tool

A useful and valuable tool of Telegram are the channels, which can be public or private and to which you can invite people to subscribe. Unlike groups and super-groups, channels are characterized by one-way communication: only those who create the channel can manage it, posting messages and content.

Here what you put on the channels becomes a sort of newsletter, but more practical and faster. This is the ideal place to attract and entertain people interested in your brand, to stimulate their curiosity with ad hoc content, to share and promote your messages to an already selected target.

Because? Both because the content is faster and more immediate and because it is easier to enjoy a message on the smartphone than an email.

3. Telegram is an internal communication tool

Telegram is also an effective internal communication tool, because it shortens distances and facilitates the management of daily work, a fundamental aspect for the productivity of a brand, yet too often underestimated.

Whether it is via the app on the smartphone or via the app on the Web (therefore usable from the desktop), Telegram is a practical tool, which makes communications between team members more fluid, faster and immediate.

Using the mentions, for example, it is possible to draw the attention of a particular person; hashtags allow you to categorize all messages related to a particular topic; you can reply directly to a message in the chat feed; it is possible to share files up to 1.5 Gb in size, without being compressed, thus losing quality, as is the case on WhatsApp.

4. Telegram is a Social Customer Care tool

The Customer Care service more and more often and for some time now takes place through social channels because they are more practical, fast and immediate compared to traditional communication tools.

Telegram can also be a useful and valuable Social Customer Care tool, both because the groups guarantee direct and rapid communications and because, through a live chat or through a special Social Customer Care bot (such as those set up in order to automatically answer the FAQs related to the brand or the use of the product or the return and return policy), you will be able to offer an accurate assistance service to your customers in real time.

5. Telegram and bots are a promotional tool

The bot is a sort of non-human user capable of performing actions automatically and instantly. In short, immediacy, speed, efficiency, opportunity, all of these are bots. That’s why they can be a valuable promotional tool for your brand.

Think of the chatbots, that is, the bots that automatically initiate and entertain conversations, and therefore can facilitate and induce an uncertain user to purchase, supporting and guiding him in the choice.

Also very useful for promotional purposes are bots that send alerts about specific news of interest to the target audience and / or promotions created specifically for them.

Telegram to do Business: conclusions

These are just some of the tips that can be useful for using Telegram in business. If you have more to add, you can use the comments and let us know your experience.

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