Indoor vs Outdoor Sports: Picking the right sports flooring surface

Indoor vs Outdoor Sports: Picking the right sports flooring surface

The Sports realm is extremely vast with numerous different kinds of sports that the athletes train in and master. There are so many sports that are played on varied surfaces. As each sport require certain physical dynamics that is apt for a certain surface only.

If played over the wrong surface then the chances of an athlete injuring himself or herself increases. It may as well impact the performance and shift the whole dynamic of the sport. This is the reason why you need specific sports surfaces depending upon the type of sports.

The type of sports flooring are predominantly chosen for enhanced shock absorption of the athlete and his or her overall performance over the surface. Below we have listed out flooring options that are apt for indoor and outdoor flooring respectively.

1. Indoor Sports Flooring System

a) Rubber & Vinyl Flooring

They are one of the flooring types that is quite popularly used for indoor sports. Specifically, for those sports that require small area with restricted usage. For instance, aerobics or weight training are some sports that make use of rubber flooring system. There is minimum use of space unlike other sports.

These types of floors are quite economical and are super easy to install. However, they aren’t much durable and may require complete replacement once they are worn out. You cannot resurface them as that would not work for vinyl or rubber flooring.

b) Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are best when you need anti-skid and ball bounce features from the flooring system. Now as soon as we talk about hardwood flooring the sports that pops up in our head are basketball, badminton or squash.

As mentioned, hardwood floors have great ball bounce element to it that is just perfect for sports like basketball or badminton. Unlike rubber or vinyl floors, the hardwood floorings are extremely durable. Also, most hardwood floors have a sub-floor system that offers shock absorbency.

Hence, giving the much-needed protection to the athletes. They are available in engineered or solid hardwood flooring system. However, the Engineered Hardwood Flooring is more preferable as it has resistance against temperature change, moisture and other conditions.

c) Polyurethane Flooring

This type of flooring is apt for heavy impacts and equipment. They are one of the most budget-friendly flooring option to go for and can last for a long time. This type of flooring system can be found in school settings since multiple sports are played over them.

Also, they are very easy to maintain since the stains and dirt can be removed easily from them. PU floors are truly the best flooring system to pick in every way possible.

2. Outdoor Sports Flooring System

Outdoor flooring systems require extreme resistance power against wear and tear since they are exposed to the outer atmosphere. There are quite a lot of variety when it comes to choosing the outdoor sports flooring system however, the most popular ones are –

a) Acrylic

Acrylic floors are the most used flooring system for outdoor sports such as volleyball, tennis, etc. Usually the acrylic surfaces are modified by using varied cushioned layers. Since, the outdoor sports area are generally large spaced area, choosing an acrylic floor could be the best as they are very economical.

b) Artificial Turf

Over the years, the artificial turf flooring system has been quite popular as they have seen the maximum level of advancements. The top Soccer clubs also oblige by the advantages of using an artificial turf flooring system. The modification in yarn technology and the ease of installation has predominantly worked in favour for this type of flooring system.


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