Janitorial vs Commercial Cleaning Service: Which One Is Better?

Janitorial vs Commercial Cleaning Service: Which One Is Better?

Commercial premises such as shopping malls, schools, medical centers, offices, etc have to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. After all, everyday huge several individuals visit these premises.

Leaving such premises unattended for the task of cleaning can cause health risks and safety hazards. That’s why owners hire cleaning services to get the job done. Now, when it comes to Melbourne office cleaning or any other sort commercial cleaning in different other locations, there are generally two popular services. One is janitorial cleaning service and the other is commercial cleaning service.

Even though the primary purpose of availing both the services remains the same which is to achieve a clean and hygienic environment, however there are tons of differences on how they function. Read till the end to find out.

1. Level of Cleaning

Janitorial Service – Janitors or the cleaners provided from janitorial service has the task of cleaning your desks, chairs, bathrooms and other common spaces. They don’t tend to provide heavy duty cleaning tasks like floor polishing or window washing.

Commercial Cleaning Service – Commercial cleaning service is known for providing heavy duty cleaning results. They tend to those cleaning tasks that require extra effort. For instance, getting rid of stubborn stains, floor polishing , carpet cleaning and more. Along with that they also offer regular cleaning services like mopping, dusting and more.

Verdict – Of course, commercial cleaning service is a better option to go for as you’ll get the best of both.

2. Tenure of Cleaning

Janitorial Service – If you hire janitorial service, the janitors will be attending to your regular cleaning needs on a day-to-day basis. They will dust and mop the desks, chairs and any other area which you may have asked them to attend to. They will ensure that the workspace is clean and efficient for your employees to work. But it is your responsibility to assign the task of cleaning and the areas where regular cleaning will be done.

Commercial Cleaning Service – The services of commercial cleaning is a one time job rather than a day to day cleaning task. They provide heavy duty cleaning and cover a large area at once with a huge group of cleaners.

Verdict – While it is great that janitorial services provide regular cleaning still the assigning of cleaning tasks becomes hassle for most. Plus, they don’t cover a huge area of cleaning unlike commercial cleaners.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Janitorial Service – Not all janitorial services come along with cleaning supplies. You might have to provide them with cleaning tools and products to do the job. It is essential you enquire them about cleaning supplies before hiring them.

Commercial Cleaning Service – Whereas, commercial cleaning companies come equipped with everything. In fact, they have advanced tools and other items to get the cleaning job done efficiently.

Verdict – It’s a pretty clear verdict as commercial cleaners are a better option to go for.


Now both the service providers are essential for Melbourne office cleaning or for any other premises or location. However, if we analyze the above comparison, commercial cleaning service is the best for you to make.

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