Major reasons to seek concrete hand piling company in Sydney

Piles and shafts are vital for the strong building foundations. Despite the high cost of the same, these become vital to handle loads of heavy superstructure like high rise buildings and bridges. As a result, using the right professional, strong foundations can be laid to bear heavy loads of the structure and future expansions. 

Another important aspect of selecting a pile foundation is the quality and conditions of the existing site and soil. The right concrete hand piling company uses advanced techniques to assess the situation and deliver the best results for your needs. 

Reasons to opt for concrete hand piling

The concrete hand piling company uses drilled shafts reinforced by using concrete to deliver the best results. Since these have high cross section area, these boost structural integrity of the building. 

Different types of concrete piles are used to deliver a variety of results. Here, these help to deliver the best results in cases like the following – 

  • Poor quality of upper soil
  • Expansive soil in the actual site
  • Bridging abutment and piers
  • Resisting lateral loads and uplift forces

Types of concrete piles – 

Concrete piles are placed either in pre-cast piles or in-situ

  • Pre-cast piles – 

In this case, the reinforcing is used to boost strength to resist the bending movements. This is extremely useful to resist the vertical and horizontal loads. 

  • Cast in-situ piles – 

On the other hand, cast in-situ piles are made by actual drilling of the site. A hole is drilled into the soil of the area and then filled with concrete. 

These are of further two types – 

  • Cased variants
  • Uncased variants

In case of cased piles, a steel casing is dug into the ground. Then the mandrel is placed inside to assist in movement. Hence, on reaching the desired length, the same is withdrawn. On the other hand, uncased variants require the gradual removal of the mandrel. 

Quality control of these piles is a challenging task. It requires careful construction, assessment and treatment to get the desired results for your needs. Hence, only the best concrete hand piling company must be sought for getting the right results in construction. 

Amit Sharma

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