Making A Choice Between Screen Printing And Sublimation Prints

Making A Choice Between Screen Printing And Sublimation Prints

Screen printing and dye sublimation printing are the two most popular t-shirt printing processes. Screen printing is an analog process where ink is physically pushed through a fine mesh stencil via a squeegee onto the t-shirt being printed.

The two of the well-known t-shirt printing processes is screen printing as well as dye sublimation printing. In the process of screen printing, the ink is generally pushed through a fine mesh stencil through a squeegee onto the t-shirt that is being printed here as this is an analog process. The garments are usually colored with the opaque layer of the ink.

To get custom sublimation shirts, sublimation printing is used which is a digital process here with the inks that are printed first onto the special transfer paper on which the heat is pressed on to the garments that are being formed.

The vapor then penetrates the garment that is being printed when it cools down the garment is colored through this, the heat from the heat press then transforms the dried sublimation ink to vapor.

The following are some of the factors that need to be considered between both screen and sublimation printing:

A total volume of the order

Screen printing pricing is usually lower for larger volumes of custom all over print shirts. The printed shirts can well be manufactured in an efficient and cheaper manner once the screens are prepared and the job is registered onto the screen printing press.

The cost of per-unit of the screen printed shirt can be quite high compared to the 1000th shirt that can cost nothing here. As there are none for the sublimation printings, screen printed ones have larger economies of scale here.

Substrates: Versatility and Limitations

Screen printing actually allows you to print virtually on every garment with the help of proper inks and additives as this process is quite versatile here. Screen printing can well be used on garments of cotton, polyester, nylon and many more.

The dye-sublimation process cannot work on cotton and other natural fibers. Especially in the light-colored garments sublimation is usually used. Screen printing can be well used on garments of any color though the sublimated prints will not be visible on the darker ones.

Job Setup

Every color that needs to be printed will require their own set of the screen while screen printing on t-shirts. For the production of the final design, multiple screens will have to be made and aligned with each other.

This is true for multicolor designs. It is also quite uncommon for the preparation and the setup time to be much longer than that of the actual printing time for the higher color counts and the tightly registered designs that are made.

We need not worry about the lineup of separate layers of colored ink for the production of the final design of custom sublimation shirts with the printing process of sublimation. Each time, the inkjet printer prints all the colors of the design.

You will also be able to customize the individual designs, name, and numbers on the team uniforms as the inkjet printer prints every color of the design.

Intricate Designs

When you are looking forward to reproducing some of the finest details and photorealistic images, both screen printing, and dye sublimation prints are capable though it is well-known that with sublimation prints for custom sublimation apparel are infinitely easier.

It is basically a form of art when it comes to screen printing of photorealistic images. The factors that the final print is the choice of mesh, the thickness of the stencil, the color of the gamut of ink set that is used, the skill level of the person who is performing the color separation.

The screen-printed will have to commence from the start itself if there are things that have gone quite wrong. Sublimation printing is a type where the higher intricate color designs are easier to print here.

Specialty Printing

They will just be printing the colors through sublimation printing. Screen printing is the sole option here when you are looking for specialty effects that can glow in the dark or any other option here.

It is only limited to CMYK color gamut with the help of sublimation printing. They can hit almost any PMS color here with screen printing along with the right mix of the colors.  Screen printing is also preferred especially for the corporate logos that require specific unique PMS color.

Comfortable Lasting Prints

All with a softer hand touch and feel, screen printing and dye-sublimation t-shirts can well be produced with a unique set of prints here. The final outcome of the print is said to have that noticeable weight where you will not be able to feel the prints that would leave you with a garment that is quite comfortable as the dye sublimation ink usually permeates through the substrate material.


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