Need an Affordable Family Lawyer Sydney?

Need an Affordable Family Lawyer Sydney?

Thexton Lawyers know how important value is to you. We offer free consultations and Affordable family lawyer Sydney, allowing you to stress less about costs and the law, and focus on the journey in front of you for you and your family. Matthew Buckley is one of the most experienced and affordable family lawyer in Sydney.

Binding Financial Agreement Sydney-

Our fees for drafting and advising you on a Binding Financial Agreement Sydney are affordable. We will provide you an affordable price quotation only after we get to know the details of your circumstances, and we will discuss with you, your requirements about Binding Financial Agreement for no cost. Our experienced lawyer Matthew Buckley can provide you the best advice, which is required to make a binding agreement.

Now a day, the term Binding Financial Agreement is much relevant and surrounded with the assets and finances of the couples including the same — sex couples, before they get into a relationship or during a relationship or when the couples come to the end of a relationship.

The word ‘prenup’ or ‘prenuptial’ agreement is much common amongst people who are in domestic relationship or to an end of a domestic relationship.

A Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) is an agreement between two parties that undergo a range of financial agreements made during a relationship. Binding Financial Agreement is the official name given to it by law and is compliant with the Family Law Act.

Our firm has drafted and advised hundreds of clients on Binding Financial Agreements, so we have a wealth of experience, and we can provide to you assurance that not one of our agreements has ever been overturned.

From 1st March 2009, the binding de- facto financial agreement rules are also covered by the Family Law Act, (this rule is applicable across the whole Australia except Western Australia). After this there are a very few dissimilarities in the process of drawing up financial agreements for married couples and de- facto couples. This legislative act also covers the same sex- de- facto couples.

For Binding Financial Agreement, you must follow these-

• You will have to refer to the section of the Family Law Act at the time of entering into the agreement, which is relevant for you.

• Both the parties must sign the binding agreement.

• Both the parties will receive independent legal advice related to the agreement.

• To bring the term of the agreement into effect, both the parties must sign the separation declaration.

• All the property interest related to the agreement or schedule must be attached to the agreement.

Binding Financial Agreement can provide significant comfort to parties before any relationship issues arise. They not only provide certainty if done properly but reduce stress and costs as well as provide a timely solution without having to experience any court delays as would occur if there was a prolonged argument between the parties.

For Binding Financial Agreement you should work with an experienced lawyer. At, Thexton Lawyers, you will find experienced lawyer who can easily deal with complex scenarios, associated tax and property implications.

Thexton Lawyers are experienced family lawyers, with whom you can discuss the effect and enforce ability of a proposed Binding Financial Agreement. We can advise you on the matters related to the drafting of the agreement, the effects and potential issues which may arise.


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