Plan Your Move as a Pro

Plan Your Move as a Pro

The best way to live a smooth move is to prepare well and Hiring a best House Removals man and van Fulham. Transform this extremely tiring day into a productive day with these tips that will help you work efficiently and enjoy your new home as quickly as possible.

“Make sure everything is ready! Between changes of address and the moment of undoing one’s boxes, planning is an essential element in achieving a fluid and smooth move.

Human capital

To avoid congestion at the entrance and unnecessary waiting, check with the former occupant for the exact moment of departure. Also, think about the new resident of the place you are leaving and leave him your contact information. Thus, he will be able to join you if you have forgotten something or still, to send you your mail. Hiring House removals House Removal Wimbledon and it will help you to make your moving stress free.

Friends and family members offered to help you? Remind them, see if they are still available, and schedule the day with them. You would not want to spend the day alone, right?

Work effectively

You have to give up what does not serve you anymore. Do not leave unpleasant surprises to the next occupant and do not move them either: sell them or give them to organizations in your community! Otherwise, plan a trip to the beautiful places or the drop-off location closest to you. Empty and clean the refrigerator, disassemble the big furniture (keep the screws in an airtight bag and stick them to the furniture) then unhook your curtains. When the House movers Twickenham arrive, everything should be tidy. It should remain only your essentials for the shower and your bed to undo the D-day.

Make your boxes

Close your boxes securely with tape. Place heavy objects in small boxes and keep larger items for lighter items. They will be easier to transport. Kill two birds with one stone, pack your dishes with your towels. Leave your clothes on their stand and place them in a large bag, simply. Above all, do not forget to identify your boxes, this will help greatly when you are in the process of settling down.

Parking space

Do you deal with Man and van Fulham, have you booked a moving van, or are you using the vehicles of family members? Now make sure you have a parking space in front of your new home. In urban areas, it is better to think ahead and ask the municipality to install signs “Parking prohibited”.

Provide a survival kit

Provide refreshments and a time to eat, rent or buy moving straps for large furniture, keep some tools at hand and a broom. You will enjoy the last tour before leaving the place to pick up the piles of dust and take a last look to remember nothing behind you.

Your new home is free a few days before your move? Take the opportunity to advance the painting or bring technicians for your cable or Internet connection. You will enjoy a well-deserved rest in front of the TV at the end of the day!


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