Seresto- The best flea and tick collar for your dog

Seresto- The best flea and tick collar for your dog

You might be worried when you see your dog suffering from flea and ticks. However, it is not uncommon for them to suffer from them. The worst part is these disease carries microorganisms and this might be transmitted to your body or any other related to you.

Therefore it is essential to nip these problems at the bud only. And, take proper precaution that neither you nor your family along with your dog has to suffer from it.

If you search in the online stores or any other shop near your place you will see that there are many medicines that are available that will help in solving the problem of flea and tick.

But most of the time it is seen that these medicines contain the harmful chemical that can affect your pooch and also the environment of your house.

You might be wondering what can be done about it! You can let your dog suffer from tick and flea neither can you let your dog or your family members suffer from the harmful chemicals that the cheap medicines have in it!

Don’t worry we have you covered! The best thing you can do to keep away tick and flea from your dog is by using quality flea collars.

We are not saying that all the flea collars are good and work well. But they are a good alternative to the anti-tick and flea creams or the tablets that are available.

You must be thinking that just because they are a good alternative why should I purchase them! But you are thinking wrong, most of these collars last almost up to 8 months, so they are also giving you a good value for your money.

Now, you will get various types of tick and flea collars and that too of different brands. If you are a first timer then you have to know the best brand of collars for our dog.

Here we will discuss the best flea collars that are best for your dogs.

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  1. Seresto large flea and tick collar

If your dog is of the larger size than choosing the Seresto large flea and tick collar is the best option for you.

The product is made from a brand named Bayer and it is one of the most reputable brands that make dog items.

If you ask a veterinarian they will always recommend the collars from Bayer especially if it is about keeping away fleas and ticks from your pooch.

The collar will also provide your dog protection for almost 8 months from fleas and ticks. Moreover, the best part about these collars are- your dog can easily wear it without feeling uncomfortable and greasy. It also does not have any odor.

The collar is also waterproof so it will protect them underwater also if your dog goes for occasional swimming. Although it might be a bit risky if you use it during a regular bath or swim as it will reduce the longevity of the collar.

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  • Seresto small flea and tick collar

If your best friend is of the smaller size then the small flea and tick collar from Seresto is best for them. You must be wondering how do the small collars work! It works similarly like the large collars.

This means the tick or the flies does not have to bite your dog before falling off it kills them through simple contact. And, if there is no biting there will be no itching also, and this also reduces the risk of transmitting infections as the parasites cannot bite and suck blood.

This means you can simply putsmall Seresto collar on your little pooch and know that it is well protected.

These collars also provide protection for almost 8 months. All types of small dogs starting from puppies as long as they are older than 7 weeks can wear the collar.

You will get small seresto collar for your best friend from Unitedpetworld. They have various type of options from where you can choose the one that is best for them.

Other than that you will also get the different type of toys for your dog. And your little cute one will always love a surprise toy for them anytime. You can just go to their online store and purchase the collar and any fascinating toy that your pooch will love to play with!


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