Fresh off the rails here are some brilliant and trendy interior designs for 2020.


It’s hard to do the interior of your house with minimalism and make it look great. So, it wasn’t a shocker when the trend of minimalism died down pretty quick. The trend today is to max out on everything and make the interior of your house a lavish one. Go for the most exuberant furnishings, the one that pleases the eye and makes your house look one of a kind. A unique and rich space is what the clients are after a long time of minimalism.


Fireplaces are one accent piece that is timeless. No matter what interior you are looking for, a fireplace will always match the setting. But of late, the interior designs artists are outing emphasis on more contemporary fireplaces than the old traditional ones. For contemporary designed fireplaces, you can even opt for a minimalist on or an elevated ribbon styled one. Bonus points, a modern fireplace adds value to the house; it’s one of those upgrades that will add to the overall pricing of the house.


Like clothes fashion, interior fashion changes every year as well. So, always go for things that are either timeless or easily replaceable. One of these affordable trends is the painted floor tiles trend. There are many upsides to this interior choice, it’s affordable, creates a great blend between the walls and the furniture, and it looks great.


Console tables are the most versatile pieces of furniture ever; you can use them in multiple ways. Go for a maximalist design so that your interior design will kill two birds with one stone. A unique console is also a great conversation starter, as well as the perfect way to show your artistic taste in the interior.


The year 2019 came forward with many unusual interior trends, one of those very popular trends was to get rid of the old couch and replace it with something trendy and different. So, out went the old boring couch and in came settees, mix and match chair and loungers. Going bold like this has a lot of plus points. By adding an artistic touch, you give your house a very distinct personality. Adding these replacements is not only affordable but also pretty refreshing. A wooden bench will add a rustic look, whereas adding gold and white settee will give your living room a very elegant and sophisticated look. There is room to do a lot once you get rid of the old couch.


Minimalist was all about taking things from the house and giving it a bare charm. Maximalist is all about adding things that will not only look great but also add personality. Adding candelabrums and lamps is like to give the house a new shine. These contemporary lightings are the best solution if you are looking for more surface area on your table. Getting rid of the old standing tables has made more sense. These lamps also make the walls look less vacant and bare.


White may be royalty, but black is exotic and mysterious. You can’t go wrong with black even when it comes to decorating. The recent interior trends are all about dark furniture, black prints, obscure walls, black polish finishes, as well as dark fixtures. It’s safe to say that black has taken over completely.

Black or dark walls may look intimidating, but they are also a signature of power and elegance. Adding a little gold or silver to your black choice will only make it look classier. If you are worried that the black will take over and make your rooms appear smaller, it’s suggested that you contrast the dark shades with a light one and create your accent wall.


Bringing your garden inside is a trend that has been going strong for more than a couple of years now. We have seen a lot of brilliant designs to set your indoor plants. It’s a great way to keep the air clear and add tins of color to your house. Whether it’s covering the walls with green vines or adding a pot stand to vacant walls, anything, and everything works. If you are looking to experiment at first, there are a lot of affordable options on Amazon to start with. You can also add more natural wood to the house to get that natural touch.


Adding a statement piece of furniture in the house is an old hat, the trend now is to create statement floors and ceilings. Start with bold patterns and bold colors to make the floors and celling come to life.

Go for unique geometric patterns and don’t shy away from eccentric interior designs, these may look different than your norm, but it’s the in trend at the moment.


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