The essentials of starting a coffee shop

The essentials of starting a coffee shop

Starting a coffee shop is one of the most interesting and a great way to earn your living. The coffee industry is currently booming. Therefore it can prove to be an extremely profitable business in the long run if done right. This is very evident by the fact that when you pass by a busy coffee shop you are most likely to notice it full of customers enjoying coffee treats such as the lattes, teas, espressos and other types of coffees. Serving quality snacks with a variety of coffee delights in a relaxing atmosphere is a fine way to make loads of money.

In order to start a coffee shop business there are basically three options that you must explore:

  1. Buying an existing business- It is not easy to find a profitable business for sale but is indeed a great way to start your operations.
  2. Purchase a franchise- When you purchase a franchise the business decisions will already be made for you. Your franchisor will select the location for you.
  3. Start from the basics- This also translates to starting from the scratch. Moreover it has the best potential to maximize profits.

Business plan for coffee shop
Your business plan for your coffee shop should contain the following key factors:
❖ Find a location with reasonable rent- First of all you need to understand what makes a coffee shop popular. Coffee shops are a great place to socialise. Here people meet with their loved ones and their long lost friends. They are also one of the most preferred locations for people who would rather like to spend time alone with themselves. Therefore finding a suitable location is very crucial for attracting customers. Choose a location where your customers can easily spot your store and will have no difficulties in finding a parking spot. The most important factor is ofcourse rent. Not all central locations are reasonable, rather most of them are very expensive. That is why storefronts are the finest options.

❖ Serve high quality products consistently- While opening a coffee shop and considering other factors do not forget that customers visit coffee shops not just to drink gourmet coffee or tea. They want something extraordinary and unique. In order to attract a regular clientele you must create your speciality coffee and serve the irregular ones in the best possible quality.

❖ Provide great customer care service- The hallmark of any successful business is excellent quality customer service. Top quality products and equipment such as the breville barista express Australia, fine customer service are the key of any successful coffee business. Adopt the counter service since table service is a slower process. Most successful coffee shops over the years have made it big through counter service. With table service you are likely to spend more time in establishment.

Australia is a great place to start your coffee business since Australians drink coffee to a huge extent. In 2019 it was surveyed that on average the Australians consumed around 1.91 kgs of coffee per individual. Although remaining far behind the Scandinavian countries or other European nations, Australia still ranks among the 30 leading coffee consuming countries in the world. The coffee consumption market of Australia is among the largest in the world. The coffee market in Australia generates a revenue of around $1.5 billion in 2017. The same year the annual domestic coffee consumption scaled to 1.87 million 60kg bags.

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