Things that make Northern beaches great

Things that make Northern beaches great

The Northern Beaches are located in Sydney’s northern coastal suburbs, closer to the Pacific ocean in the state of New south wales Australia. Towards the south the area extends to Port Jackson, towards the north its broken bay and Middle Harbor in the west. The area is an amazing stretch of coastline.

The district is governed and administered by the local level of the Northern Beaches Council formed in 2016 from the Manly Council, Warringah Council as well as the pittwater Council. The Northern Beaches happens to be the most mono ethnic and white district in the entire Australia compared to its diverse neighbours Central Coast and North Shore.

The Manly and the North Narrabeen beaches in this area are particularly famous for surfing. Northern beaches are a great destination for cityside coastal escape. The place is filled with a burgeoning foodie scene, sunkissed locals, amazing surfing beaches. In this article we mention some of the best things to experience in the Northern beaches district.

Best cafes to visit
Here are some of the best cafes to visit in Northern Beaches:

  1. Flower child- Flower child is a great cafe for the millennials and is a garden oasis. Its beauty boasts of vibrant flowers, whitewashed timbers, lush greeneries and sunlit outdoor spaces. The food is as good as its outside setting.
  2. Room Two Ten- This is one of the finest freshwater cafes in australia and is airy and bright in every sense. You will find wholesome foods, nutritious foods as well as dairy free options are available.
  3. Berkelo- In the Berkelo bakery you will find out mouth watering pastries and loaves. Their goods contain no artificial sweeteners, no refined sugars or commercial flours. Their custard tarts are their speciality.

Bars on Northern Beaches
Some of the best bars located in the Northern Beaches are as follows:
➔ Daniel San- In this bar you will get a combination of rock vibes and Japanese street foods. This place for long has been a station of authentic quality dining. Their most famous dish here is the chicken karaage burgers.

➔ Cantina Acapulco- This place’s popularity lies in the bright and bold flavoured drinks that it offers to its customers. A wide range of drinks starting from Cervaza, Tacos to Mezcal all are served here.

➔ Donny’s Bar- Donny’s Bar thrives on live music, amazing cocktails and great cuisines. Located on Manly it is the hub for Charcuterie lovers. The happy hours are typically between 5-7pm every day.

Best parks in Northern beaches
❏ Apex park- This family orientated park is a fine place to carry on your morning workout and get a fresh breath of air. It has an abundance of greenery all around it. For the kids the park also boasts of a bike track and also allows the post workout swims.

❏ Manly Lagoon Reserve- Also known as the Lagoon Park the park is located at the Southern end of the Manly Beach. For fitness enthusiasts this place offers a great outdoor gym and an ever impressive lagoon view.

❏ Little Manly Point Park- Not only is this park famous for workout sessions or for relaxations but also for picnics and weddings. Therefore you need to pick your exercise time crucially. Working out here is far more aesthetically pleasing than any other park because of its harbour side views.

There are ample reasons to live in the Northern Beaches area since this place is amazingly vibrant. Your buyer’s agent Northern beaches would inform you more about how this place could be a really good option for residing.

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