What are the steps you must follow to start your own animation business?

The most common question that is asked by an upcoming animator is about employment- is it easy to find work in the animation industry? After all one can train the animator to do amazing work but the major things are when they turn that knowledge into a successful career.

In the industry of media production of any type, you will hardly get a fixed job. Even the artists who have been very successful in the industry tend to do freelancing of one kind or another.

However, there is one way in which you can deal with this everlasting uncertainty of getting paid work in the arts and that is by starting your own business. So how, can you do that?

When you are starting the business you must start it small and gradually get bigger. The key is to slowly make a name for yourself, take on clients, build a brand and, reputation.


You have to remember that you are not an employee anymore when you start a business. Both of them are very different. However, when your business is small you have to keep special attention to it. The shop has to be open 24*7 if you want your business to succeed.

Below you will get five steps that you can follow if you want to set up your own business and get success in it.

1. You have to identify the type of work that you want to do

First and foremost you have to ask yourself what are the services that you want to offer? If your business makes a short film, you have to understand the entire definition of animation production. Starting from development to pre-production, production, and post, you have to understand every bit and parts of it.

It is best that you make your own short film as it the best way through which you can learn how the entire process is done.

  • Building your team

You as a human being cannot know everything. Likewise, you may also not have every skill that one requires to make a short film. As an animator, you will need a good team of a designer. And, if your film is a 3D one then you will need people who are expert in rigging, lighting, modeling, and texturing.

However, if you are making a film the also you will need an editor, designer, director, and a producer who can manage every process.

  • Creating a working name

You can of course simply keep your name on the door as the working name. But, if your business name is good then it helps people to remember you and it also suggests that your brand value can be more than just a one-man band.

A good company name will help you to define the exact purpose of your business.

You can find your perfect name while your plan expands and things start to take shape. Create such a name that you can use when you are planning things and won’t bother you much if you want to change it later.

4. Choosing your team wisely

You must be careful when you are choosing your team. Sometimes your best friend also may not be as great as a business partner.

You have to ask yourself whether the other persons compliment your strength or your weaknesses? Are you both capable of bringing out the same set of skills?

For your business, it is always better that you choose someone who has skills that compliments your skills. There may be arguments between you and your team members but you have to ensure that both you and your team members agree on the bigger picture- a successful business

5. Creating a business plan

You should always have a business plan before you move ahead with your short film or movie. It will help you to define what is the purpose of your business? Finance requires to achieve that purpose. And, last but not the least, the goals and milestones you want to achieve.

BeanBox is an animation company in the UK based in London and Wiltshire. This company also uses the techniques used in the film industry but they make sure not to include the unnecessary stages.

This way they can maintain they’re high-quality and also minimize the cost production and time. They specialize in high-end 3D product animation and visualization. BeanBox also creates many types of animation starting from 2D motion graphics to VFX.

So, if you want to start a business you can see their work, how they do it, and gain knowledge from it.


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