Why it is Tough to Obtain a Visa in Peak Seasons

Why it is Tough to Obtain a Visa in Peak Seasons

Summer is on its way to hit the earth with full heat and we can’t keep calm. This is the season when we go for a vacation to skip the burning and scorching heat of the sun. Summer vacation becomes the summer time fun for the kids when schools declare one month of summer vacation and children together with their parents make plan to spend their vacation abroad. This season shows huge rush and crowd at the airport and in the top tourist spots. So it won’t be wrong to say, if you are planning for a holiday trip this summer, plan early.

In case you are planning for a foreign trip, you need to apply for visa too and obtaining a visa is a long, daunting process and when it comes to applying for visa during peak season, it becomes impossible to obtain one due to the bucket full of applications. Whenever you plan for a trip during peak season, get your visa first and book your flight and hotel. Otherwise, you will run out of time and your itinerary scattered within a second and it will be a spoiler of whole excitement. But why it is tough to obtain visa in peak seasons?

Endless application

If you are visiting a country during peak season, there are almost zero chances of getting the approval of visa as consulates are already having a number of visa application on their desk and so it takes a long time to analyze your application. If you want to avail visa before the holiday season gets over, apply for visa one or two months prior to your journey.

Even visa consultancies are having a heavy workload

If you are thinking that since embassies are already having thousands of applications, so you should take assistance from visa consultancies, you are wrong. As it is a peak season and a large number of tourists are applying for visa, so it takes time to grant you visa. The only option for you is to apply as early as possible to avoid last minute hustle.

Mistakes in visa

Embassies and consultancies are already having piles of documents on their table and if you make errors while filling up the visa application form, the authority will reject it instantly and you have to start the whole procedure all over again.

Nowadays, it takes only three to four days to obtain visa. But take extra precautions while applying during peak season. Be an early bird and get in touch with Emirates visa consultant in Delhi to avail visa instantly.

Aayushi Pradhan

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