Why Wall Art Matter in Bedroom Designs?

Why Wall Art Matter in Bedroom Designs?

Very often in interior design we see wall is getting ignored. I mean many people think that wall is just for paintings and you are done. Especially in a bedroom, walls are so ignored and more focus in on the bed and closet and other furnitures. Yes, there will be beds and furnitures of course, but walls are an important component and proper attention must also be given to it. So many of us, have missed out on an amazing design opportunity. Great hotels use this missing link, to make them so attractive. We often feel very good when we enter a hotel room. Not only are they spick and span but take care of art as well.

Provides an Instant Colour Palette

Choosing a colour palette is the most important thing that you can ever think of. This can be a very daunting task. When designing your bedroom there is one rule; never use a vibrant or a bright colour. Bedroom is essentially a sleep area and hence the colour must be soothing to the nerves. Warm and cool tones both can be chosen, but we must use muted shades like pastel, tints and certain shades of dark colors. When you are planning to use bedroom wall prints, make sure to keep your colour as mute as possible. Nude shades go great here! Even cool blue tones and pastels.

Create a Focal Point

Your next task after creating the colour palette, would be to identify a focal point. Where do you want the art to be? Sit at any corner of the room and decide accordingly. When the position of your bed has been fixed, it is best to sit and look from that direction. If you want it on the opposite wall, then you must keep the wall minimally accessorized. Avoid tapestries or things as such, because they would spoil the focal point. An artwork will look too small if surrounding items are too much and too large if there is nothing! A small area can have an extra bit of texture. There are many DIY ideas throughout the internet which you can browse. Making that focal point special is what you want to do!

Make the Room Appear Finished

Wall art must not be like something popping out, but it should fit in your room décor like a jigsaw puzzle. A modern bedroom wall art must be the last jigsaw piece to finish the decoration of your bedroom. Choose something that fits with the decorating style. For example, candles and shell art can look very nice if you have a blue themed bedroom. Else a painting with nature representing a surreal effect. Wall hangings can provide excellent framework to your whole décor. Hey are not only functional, but looks good as well. Most recent décor ideas have also included framed fabrics. These are ancient or historic fabric belonging to your mother or grandmother or simply a piece of an old rug, which is too good to throw away. They can be cleaned and framed to provide a soft touch to your bedroom.


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